The Pivotal Role Played by a Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

A rubber tyred gantry crane(RTG), also called as a transtainer, is used in intermodal operations. It is a mobile crane, used to stack containers. They are made of rigid steel, which makes them highly efficient to move smoothly even at high speed.
Some of the highly advanced models come with an auto-steering system. They have a specially designed container positioning and anti-collision systems. The remote control access helps in controlling the machine in operating it from a distance and thereby providing extra safety for the operators at the site. They can be either fully or semi-automated and has truck trailer positioning system.

Professional Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane
Professional Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Power System of Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes

A standard RTG(grúa pórtico sobre ruedas estándar ) has a dual speed diesel engine. The engine switches to idle mode when it doesn’t require full power. This is done by the specially designed drive system and this saves fuel.
A variable speed engine controls the engine speed depending on the demand. It ensures the precision of control over the entire process. This reduces the energy consumption of the crane.
An electric RTG or an E-RTG consists of an electrified engine, which includes cable reels. This is the most advanced RTG.

Straddle Carrier RTG crane

Straddle carrier RTG is used to dynamic and flexible. It is used in different operations like lift, upload, erect, move, transfer, unload heavy material. It has a multidimensional movement, without any restrictions. Hence, it is used in several places like a subway tunnel, ports, shipyard, workshop, construction site, etc. It is highly efficient and cost-effective.

Types of Straddle Carrier Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Straddle Carrier RTG crane for yard
Straddle Carrier RTG crane for slab
Straddle Carrier RTG crane for precast parts
Straddle Carrier RTG crane for Bridge box Grider
Straddle Carrier RTG crane for Construction Manufacturing(Fabricación de la construcción)
Straddle Carrier RTG crane for handling plates

Container Handling

The automated container handling of RTG cranes helps in efficiently handling the storage of containers. They make the end-loading operation easy and efficient.

Features of RTG cranes:

  1. They have a robust structure.
  2. They were powered usually by diesel generators and recently they are being electrified.
  3.  They have better visibility, accurate spreader positioning and no headblock.
  4. They have high and improved performance in high winds.
  5. They have simultaneous motion and this eliminates the side shift of the spreader.
  6. They have optimum automation design and have a smooth operation and have a complete range of motion, which makes them more efficient(más eficiente).
  7. They are low maintenance and incur low costs on energy and fuel.
  8. The anti-broadcasting system prevents the twist and swing of the spreader.
  9. Their capacity ranges from 31.5t to 41.5t.

They can lift the loads to a height of 15.4 to 18.3 meters at a speed of 12-46 m/min depending on the model. The crane speed ranges between 45-90 m/min. The total power required to operate the crane varies between 305 kW to 400 kW. The maximum working load differs depending on the model, which ranges between 273 KN to 320 KN.

Advantages of rubber tyred gantry crane

  • They are highly efficient and uses advanced technology in design and operation.
  • They are widely used in civil constructions, railway engineering, chemical construction sites, Aircraft facility construction, commercial building constructions, etc.
  • With integrated research and development, designing, and manufacturing, the product can be customized according to clients’ specifications.
  • All the products pass several international certifications and meet the standards like CE, ISO, etc.
  • They have exceptional anti-sway performance.
  • E-RTGs are cost-effective and helps in saving fuel costs and waste no time in refueling.
  • E-RTGs are eco-friendly and don’t emit hazardous wastes.
  • They have a high service life and the automatic correction system reduces the rails of the carts problem.
Container Gantry Crane For Sale
Container Gantry Crane For Sale

Things to be considered while investing in RTG cranes

RTG cranes can generate good market profits when invested in the right model. A wide variety of RTGs helps the customer to choose the one depending on their business. They can also custom designed based on customer requirements and specifications. The quality of the machine, the capacity, maintenance cost, source of power, after sales service, etc are some of the most important things to be considered before buying an RTG crane. The right evaluation of the equipment will be quite beneficial to the business.

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